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Professors Jonathan Rothstein and Jungwoo Lee have been selected as outstanding faculty in the College of Engineering in These selections were made through the hard work of a college-level faculty selection committee. Rothstein has recently authored twelve journal articles that were published in top journals. Beyond UMass, Prof. Rothstein established an annual K outreach event held at the Society of Rheology Annual Meeting, and has participated in the Science Quest and Women in Engineering events since Goldstein Outstanding Jr Faculty Award for Lee was recognized for his contributions in translational biomaterials research, teaching large courses in Separations and Tissue Engineering, and for his service as Director of the Chemical Engineering Honors Program.

April Skip to main content. Engineering Computer Services. Engineering Hub. Undergraduate Research. Communications Office. Career Development and Experiential Learning. Equity and Inclusion. New Students. Alumni Awards. Jonathan Rothstein, Jungwoo Lee. Search Engineering Search.Goldstein Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.

jungwoo mechanical engineering

Krishnamurty added that Rothstein has an impressive publication record that includes 93 archival papers and well over conference presentations — with more than 6, citations and an h-index of To wit, Rothstein has established an annual K outreach event held at the Society of Rheology Annual Meeting, and he has participated in the Science Quest and Women in Engineering events since Lee is recognized for his contributions in translational biomaterials research, teaching large courses in Separations and Tissue Engineering, and for his service as director of the Chemical Engineering Honors Program.

He has pioneered a highly innovative and promising biomaterial system and has a clear plan to translate his bioengineering research into real-world applications.

Jungwoo has aggressively established a competitive translational bone marrow bioengineering program with his doctoral graduate students. These indicate that his research program is thriving and building a national and international reputation. Only 25 junior investigators in the U.

Lee has also received a prestigious NSF Career Award and National Institute of Health Pathway to Independence Award for his research studying implantable tumor-cell microenvironments and in vitro trabecular bone-marrow models. His team published an impactful article regarding microenvironment regulation of disseminated tumor cells in the prestigious journal Nature Biomedical Engineering. We expect there will be more exciting research outcomes from his research program at the interface between engineering and medicine.

May Skip to main content. Search Engineering Search.Lee received his Ph. He conducted his postdoctoral research in designing electrodes for lithium rechargeable batteries and catalysts for solar energy storage in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Chemistry at MIT. The development of these technologies is a critical factor in supporting new transportation technologies, load-leveling for solar and stationary power applications, and fast-evolving portable electronic devices.

To respond to these challenges, we will explore the following interconnected research areas. Scheme 1. Ragone plot showing gravimetric energy and power densities of conventional lithium-ion batteries and ECs, and the performance target for plug-in hybrid vehicles PHEV and pure electric vehicles EV. However, next-generation energy storage applications, such as load-leveling, flexible electronics, and electrified propulsion, require multi-functional energy sources that have high energy and power, long cycle life, compact size, and flexibility, exceeding the performance of conventional lithium-ion batteries and ECs.

To meet these demands, we will focus on developing novel energy storage devices having multi-functionality as well as high performance. We will first design novel redox couple-nanocarbon batteries to reach the performance target region for electric vehicle applications Scheme 1.

To find novel redox couples having high energy density,wewill further explore the energy storage mechanism and reaction kinetics of nanoscale redox couples having multiple oxidation states in relation to their size as well as surface and electronic structure, and synthesize these materials with high redox potential and facile charge transfer.

On top of these fundamental studies, we will first increase the capacity of the electrodes by increasing the number of electrochemically accessible functional groups per unit mass or volume of carbons. Next, we will design finely tuned specific functional groups with high redox potentials, and will incorporate these molecules into the conductive carbon matrix to provide both high energy and high power performance with cycling stability.

Scheme 2. Photo-electrocatalytic reactions for carbon-neutral solar-to-fuel conversion. Electrocatalytic solar-to-fuel energy conversion is an attractive way to store solar energy in chemical bonds of fuels. These reactions Scheme 2 begin with solar energy conversion in the photovoltaic materials, generating holes and electrons. These holes drive water-splitting oxidation reaction at the anode. Simultaneously, the photo-generated electrons drive CO 2 reduction reaction in water at the cathode, resulting in the production of hydrocarbon and hydrogen fuels.

Then, generated fuels are transformed to energy via fuel cells or combustion engines and are converted back to water and CO 2closing the solar-to-fuel energy conversion cycle in a carbon-neutral way.

However, the development of this system requires efficient electrocatalysts, which can reduce high overpotential and have selectivity to useful fuels in fuel-forming reactions.

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Afundamental understanding of the structure and function of the catalytic active site can provide guidance in designing more active, selective and stable catalysts.Mechanical engineers work in all areas of manufacturing industries. View author publications. Jungwoo has 1 job listed on their profile. These topic labels come from the works of this person.

He received M. He joined SM through their weekly audition. Current Team.

Rothstein and Lee Selected as Outstanding Faculty

Paul V. Chemical Engineering Journal. He looks nothing like his prior self. M2M Jungwoo Shin. Born on February 19 Hot New 1. He leans down and presses a soft kiss to your lips. Ranked inpart of Best Engineering Schools.

Later, on September 17th,he officially joined the NCT Jungwoo had been a bit older than Jimin at 32, the latter just Mechanical design involves product development from concept generation to detailed design, manufacturing process selection and planning, quality control and assurance and life-cycle considerations. In this paper, we study the mechanical response of graphene on substrates patterned with arrays of mesoscale pyramids.

One of the original six courses offered when MIT was founded inMechE's faculty and students conduct research that pushes boundaries and provides creative solutions for the world's problems. He received his B. He studied mechanical engineering at MIT, earning a Ph. Rents an apartment with Jungwoo starting from their 2nd year and eventually Yukhei also wants to move in of course Jungwoo.

Free to job seekers. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology. Jungwoo kisses the top of your head.Unique in addressing two different problems — sound visualization and manipulation — in a unified way. Advances in signal processing technology are enabling ever more accurate visualization of existing sound fields and precisely defined sound field production.

The idea of explaining both the problem of sound visualization and the problem of the manipulation of sound within one book supports this inter-related area of study. With rapid development of array technologies, it is possible to do much in terms of visualization and manipulation, among other technologies involved with the spatial distribution of sound.

jungwoo mechanical engineering

This book aims to explore various basic functions for the visualization and manipulation and demonstrate to the reader how these properties determine the quality of visualization and manipulation. The first half of the book introduces some basic and general concepts and theories and the second part of the book explains a number of techniques in sound visualization and manipulation. It offers a unified presentation to two very different topics - sound field visualization techniques based on microphone arrays, and techniques for generation of controlled sound fields using loudspeaker arrays.

The authors emphasize the similarities between these two physical problems and between the mathematical methods used for solving them. Sold by: Amazon. Skip to main content Jung-Woo Choi. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Choi received his B.

His research interests also include sound field reproduction, sound focusing, and their application for audio systems. Are you an author?

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Books By Jung-Woo Choi. Sound Visualization and Manipulation Aug 30, Unique in addressing two different problems — sound visualization and manipulation — in a unified way Advances in signal processing technology are enabling ever more accurate visualization of existing sound fields and precisely defined sound field production. Other Formats: Hardcover. More Information.

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Provide feedback about this page. Back to top.Jungwoo is 22 years old as of His birth name is Kim Jung-woo. He was born to South Korean parents and admires his parents the most but has not mentioned their names. Jungwoo has an older sister who is four years elder than him. Likewise, he holds South-Korean nationality but ethnicity is Korean. A Nam and so on. Similarly, his dream was to be a football player, an action actor, as well as a chef when he was a child.

And currently, he wants to travel around the world. He got interested in dancing after watching a music broadcast by chance when he was in an elementary school.

Jungwoo Lee

Jungwoo has to break due to his health issues in late He is living a good lifestyle through his good fortune earned form his hard work and dedication toward his work.

However, he has not revealed his exact net worth as well as an annual salary. He has not married and neither has his own kids. He has kept his personal life too private.

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Similarly, he has not opened up about his relationship. However, he might be busy focusing on his career as well as waiting for his perfect match to pair up with. Furthermore, Jungwoo has not been involved in any kind of controversial acts as well as maintained a clean profile. The years-old cute Jungwoo has a very charming personality. He is handsome and very attractive. He has a tall height and fit body physiques that stand around 5 feet 9 inches with weighs around 58 kgs.

Likewise, he has a pair of dark brown eyes with brown hair color but he often experiments with his hair color like orange, blonde, etc. Caption: Jungwoo posing for a photo Source: Instagram.

Jungwoo is socially active on media sites like Instagram, Youtube, etc. On Instagram, he goes to handles jungwoonctm with more than Likewise, he has about 4. Caption: Jungwoo captured during his performance Source: Pinterest. Usually, he gets flushed after one drink and has low alcohol tolerance. His face gets all red after having a drink. His favorite Chinese dishes are hotpot and wu hua rou.

He got emotional and cried right before his first performance with NCT U.K -pop idols are the true role models! Aside from having the talent for Music, they also got the visuals, personality, fame, and even the wit. However, did you know that if some K-pop idols didn't pursue their career as an idol, they could have been still successful as lawyers and engineers?

For those who don't know, the female idol actually attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College and majored in Law. However, she dropped out later on to become a singer. The iconic second-generation idol, Sojin, supposed to be a mechanical engineer, if weren't she pursue Music! The idol actually studied in Youngnam University, taking up Mechanical Engineering. According to reports, she was considered as the "Goddess" of her faculty, not until she decided to become the goddess of K-pop's stage.

Unlike from the mentioned list, Kyuhyun didn't study Engineering and Law, but according to him, he could've have been a lawyer if he didn't choose the path of becoming a singer. In particular, Kyuhyun's father owns an Academy in Taiwan; thus, Kyuhyun is always urged to study well and do his best for exams. His initial plan was to major in Law, but in high school, Kyuhyun's interest in music foster as he joined a music band.

He made a deal with his father then, who is into education business that he would only allow him to pursue music if he will do well in his exams and enter a university. He managed to enter in Kyunghee University and instead of majoring in Law, he graduated with a major in Post Modern Music.

From his pre-debut days, trainee days and even up until now, the million-seller NCT member, Jungwoo, is shocking everyone with his achievements! When he was in high school, Jungwoo was revealed to be a mechanical engineering student in Gimpo Jeil Technical High School. His pre-debut pictures as a mechanical engineer student that circulated online made fans and netizens swoon with his unchanging visuals and intelligence indeed! On the other hand, if the idol pursued his major and took a Mechanical Engineering program in college, he could've been a successful engineer by now.

Nevertheless, he is still successful on his chosen journey as an idol! There are idols that are teased to same gender artists just for fun. These jokes are a usual scene online, and the two female idols trended after several "evidence" let fans use them as the subject of their humor. While it's normal for fans to want to be noticed by their idols, some people go to the extremes to get there. Sasaengs are known as fans that reach the point of obsession and break their favorite celebrity's privacy at the chance of being noticed.

If not, here's the list of the K-pop idols that could have been Lawyers and Engineers: 1.

jungwoo mechanical engineering

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