3rd gen 4runner bumper arb

This is a high clearace winch bumper weld-together kit for the 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner. It features a bolt-on design, protected winch mount, and the best approach angle of any bumper on the market. In fact, this bumper protrudes less than 2. This bumper allows you to forget about approach angle and substantially improves the offroad capability of your 4Runner.

Forget the outrageous lead times of many bumper options that are measured in months. All of our bumper kits ship within business days. As for welding, with everything designed using CAD software and then CNC laser-cut to size, the pieces fit together perfectly and this makes for a very simple assembly process.

3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner - HD

All kits come with detailed instructions with plenty of clearly labelled diagrams that are made using cutting-edge CAD software. This bumper kit is well within the ability of a novice welder and many customers have purchased it as their very first welding project with great results!

This is made possible by the clean parts fit-ups and thick material. These are two factors that make welding significantly easier. Alternatively, many individuals buy the kits and then have a local welder assemble it for them. Even in this case, it typically ends up being less expensive than buying a pre-fabricated bumper — especially after considering the lower shipping costs of our kits vs. We at Coastal Offroad are more than happy to work with our customers to design their dream bumper.

Feel free to send us an email for any custom requests. NoneGrill TubingFull Tubing. None1" Body Lift2" Body Lift. AluminumSteel.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Hey guys. In the market for a new bumper. From what I understand, there is a ARB front bumper made for the Tacoma, but also fits a 3rd gen 4runner. The one below in image is shown on a 2nd gen, but I'm wondering if this will fit on a 99 3rd gen? I love the look of this bumper.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, provide me with a model and where to purchase? Im not going to be adding a winch as of yet, but will in the future. Thanks guys!!!

Appreciate it. Attached Images. Member's Picture Albums. Thanks NJCatalana! Went to the site and the images look completely different. Are they just showing newer versions? Originally Posted by NJCatalana. One more question Do you know how much the factory fat lip bumper weighs compared to the ARB deluxe bull bar? Thanks Again.

I searched using a Tacoma. No idea about the weight at all, sorry man.While most of the pictures show PIAA lights in the bumper, the new design will look like the fourth, fifth and sixth picture down on the right. The lights can be purchased with a bumper in the options below or separately in our Lights section. If you like to play hard in your Toyota 4Runner off-road, it's time for some serious protection.

The low hanging flimsy factory bumper is easy prey for the rocks and ruts on the trails. The ShrockWorks winch bumper is just the ticket to even the odds and allow you to charge ahead with confidence in your 4runner. This bumper was designed from the ground up specifically for the 4Runner.

Many companies take the same basic bumper design and fit it to every vehicle but not here. The lines of the bumper flow very naturally with the 4Runner while still maintaining an aggressive appearance. It's also strong; really strong. The critical mounting brackets have been engineered for maximum strength under heavy winching loads and utilize five mounting points per side.

3rd Gen 4Runner High Clearance Front Bumper Kit

Don't waste time with a wimpy brush guard or grill guard. They often cause more damage than they prevent after a hard hit.

3rd gen 4runner bumper arb

They are affectionately know as "Damage Multipliers". You can have a great looking full replacement bumper that offers REAL protection and a winch mounting location too. Includes a mounting location for a license plate. If no winch is installed, a license plate will cover the winch mounting bolts and the fairlead opening keeping a clean appearance.

We feel fully confident in saying that this is the best and strongest bumper on the market for your 4Runner! This product is shipped as truck freight. If Javascript is disabled in your browser click here. WARN 9. Warn 9. Add to cart and enter zip code for a shipping quote. The std 68" version of the bumper is designed to work with no fender flares or the smaller SR5 style flares.

A wider version is available for the wider flares used on the Limited models and some sport models. The "Limited" version of the bumper is 72" wide, 2" wider on each side than the standard version; 4" wider overall. Other colors available but we do not color match. The standard brackets work with no body lift installed.

If you have a suspension lift via coils or spacers or no lift at all, choose "None" in the body lift option. If you have a 1" or 2" body lift installed on your 4Runner, select "1" or 2" Body Lift Brackets.

Installation: Requires some minor grinding on the end of the frame rail to install the bumper. Welding on a supplied new frame rail end cap rail is recommended for maximum strength when winching.In ode to Lesliemy first vehicle, a 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. For the countless hours i spent modifying it, fixing it up, and loving it, i have decided to share my favorite build EVER.

Ervin, or as most know him on the forum: Blcktpgsr, is one of the most creative guys i never had the pleasure to meet. You can find a link to his build- no, his masterpiece, here. Ervin bought his truck on August of withKm about 81, miles on it. His build thread began on June 17, At the time he purchased the 4Runner, he was not all that into trucks; he was more of a sports car and motorcycle guy.

It was just by chance that his interest sparked in the truck direction, and we get to see the results here. This is what it looked like in the very early days.

Seems like he could not keep it clean for very long! The first few modifications to this 4Runner were like most others. A lift, some nicer tires, rims, and other little things here and there. In no time, he had figured that his rig was a keeper! After he had his suspension setup down, and other side projects like adding fender flares and wheel spacers the 4Runner got some new shoes.

It is at this point is where most people call it a day and decide to stop doing much else to the vehicle. Well, turns out Ervin is not one of those people, and he had other plans.

Many other plans. Some of the armor you will find in this 4Runner is custom. For example, The skid plates. You can find more information on those particulars in the linked build here.

Sickest 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Ever Built

A list of the armor included in this build is below. The savage Offroad sliders apparently are not made the same style anymore. Bummer, i liked the older style better. Yes, your rig will be heavier. But with so many rocks and dumb drivers on the road, it pays to have extra protection. Especially if it will make your rig look like this!

You can find specifics on the roll bar and accessories in this link. I guess a roof rack does not count as armor either. Once the main offroad items are covered; like your lift, tires, and maintenance, The next stage is to electrify the build. Lights, upgraded electrical systems, power outlets, crazy sound systems, these are just some of the common touches most enthusiasts include.Remember Me?

Site Navigation. I want to do a front bumper on my very pedestrian mostly-commuter 02 SR I like the idea of fabbing my own, but right now it seems like too inaccessible a project, but these bumper kits sound awesome While I can't be sure how long it would take to create a very good looking bumper from scratch, these kits make it super feasible. My purpose is to list all the available options and you guys can help me fill in any I missed, post pics of your finished kits or your kit builds.

Last edited by RedbeardPete; at PM. Reason: add pics. Great list, well done OP. I'm surprised though. None of these strike me as "smoking" deals though. What are your all thoughts? Price seem high for a DIY kit to anyone else? Click here! Originally Posted by absalom. Bandit Runner.

3rd gen 4runner bumper arb

I'll throw my hat in the ring, although not exactly a "kit". I provide custom designs that you can build yourself. Includes all necessary files, drawings, and detailed build instructions.

3rd gen 4runner bumper arb

Have the parts cut out at a local shop, and its just like a kit, but no shipping costs. Many satisfied customers! CBI has a diy kit for the front as well.Remember Me? Site Navigation. JuanTabo Rig. Hello Friends!! I have An ARB Plate bumper on my 3rd gen 4runner with the stock skid plates and have spent some time online looking for something a little more beefy that will fit with the bumper.

I talked to Allpro Offroad and they said theirs was no bueno. I'm hoping someone here has gone through this and found the solution's and can point me in the right direction.

All Hail Yota Nation!! Member's Picture Albums. I don't think the person you spoke with new what they were talking about. I'd suggest Savage Off-road. You can see pics in my thread.

I used to like BudBuilt but the fact that the Savage is 2 separate pieces makes it 10x easier to change your oil or get an alignment over the BB.

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I figured that we should have one thread that has pretty much all the aftermarket bumpers that are available for the 3rd gen. YodasYota made a really good thread on Yotatech which i am going to pretty much copy. Last edited by steezemcqueen; at PM. Member's Picture Albums. Thanks steve for gathering this info. Originally Posted by cj80cruiser.

3rd gen 4runner bumper arb

Originally Posted by ChildrenOfBodom. Find More Posts by 4-Ripcord. Originally Posted by steezemcqueen. Whos Steve? I do what i can. Awesome Thread indeed!!! Big John. This should be a sticky. Find More Posts by Big John. Originally Posted by Big John. Looking forward to the rear bumper post. I need one!

While I'm more of a fan of certain bumpers over others, ALL of these make me drool.